Workplace Assessments

Kieran uses his understanding of rehabilitating patients from chronic spinal pain to inform his workplace assessments.

Kieran starts by using traditional ergonomic assessment skills and layers this with adding bespoke information based on each employees history. For example some employees may have been turning repeatedly the left for several years due to their workstation set up. Others may benefit from reurning to a neutral set up, while many can actually start to improve their posture by setting up their workstation so they need to turn the right.

Aspects of diet and lifestyle are discussed and practical solutions based on employees specific history are given.

Each employee recieves a customised handout, with the assessment findings, advice, any exercises, recommended diet or lifestyle changes, new equipment to order and an overview of any changes made to the work station during the consultation.

Email to enquire about having your employees assessed.

“I came to see Kieran because I had bad posture (one of the measures was the worst result he’d seen) following a car accident causing whiplash. Kieran’s program has been very good. When I do the exercises I get no pain. Further my whole life has been improved; my driving and sleeping are much improved.

Thanks very much Kieran.”