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About Kieran

Kieran is a chartered physiotherapist, registered nutritional therapist and corrective exercise specialist who specialises in getting people out of chronic spinal pain and back to what they do best. Whether writing, lecturing or working 1:1 with patients, Kieran focuses on understanding the multitude of specific mechanisms that lead people to experience pain. This leads Kieran to consider the specific diet, lifestyle and physical causes of a patients pain experience, and how each of these areas can help a patient get back to what they do best.

Kieran learned from a young age that through studying specific areas he could improve things whether it be in his rugby, golf swing, running or surfing. In 2004, at 19 after qualifying as a sports massage therapist, nutritionist and personal trainer Kieran turned this interest to improving his own health and after reading the Optimum Nutrition Bible by Patrick Holford Kieran found his brain just started to work much better! He realised just how powerful good nutrition was and began to study health and rehabilitation voraciously. He chose to study Nutritional Medicine at Thames Valley university and began to travel to US to study with an Institute there who specialise in teaching a holisitic approach to managing patients and conditioning athletes. Kieran continued to see clients and had a particular interest in spinal pain and weight loss. Despite spending equal amounts of time studying both areas he and having some notable successes with people losing 5 stone+, he just got much better results with spinal pain patients and began to focus his attention here. This led to him achieving a reputation in his area for the rehabilitation of spinal patients in particular.

In 2007 Kieran’s desire to understand the biomechanical as well as biochemical causes of spinal symptoms drove him to pursue the area further and study physiotherapy at Bournemouth university. Throughout his studies Kieran maintained a case load of 20 clients on average, whilst commuting up to 2 hours a day to and from university. If you need any recommendations for audiobooks 2hrs a day of driving allows you to fully explore most non-fiction pre 2007! This combination of study and practice allowed him to continue to refine his manual therapy and exercise approach to spinal pain, Fortunately Kieran qualified in Nutritional Medicine in 2008, allowing him to focus more on implementing his new nutritional medicine skills whilst completing his physiotherapy degree and running his clinic.

In October 2008 Kieran presented at the 1st CHEK International conference on, “The Evidence Base for the Hierarchy of Survival Reflexes”. He has since written this presentation up and it was published in the journal Medical Hypotheses in 2013. Since this presentation Kieran has been hired by various companies to present on a wide range of topics varying from, “A Comprehensive Approach To Trigger Point Management” to “A Comprehensive Approach To The Management Of Headaches And Migraines”. Furthermore, Kieran has been hired to compile reviews on a range of topics from “The Effects of Home Furnishings on Health” to “The Effects Of The Gastrointestinal System On Every Other System Of The Body”. For examples of presentations and reviews please below.
After qualifying as a physiotherapist Kieran secured a role at the Bowskill Clinic in central London. This has allowed Kieran to receive referrals from a variety of Harley Street and other high profile consultants, which have broadened his understanding in working with challenging spinal cases.

His approach to this point had very much been to look at the big picture considering diet and lifestyle as well as the physical components affecting a patient’s symptoms. Thus it made sense for Kieran to explore the opposite end of spectrum in studying an MSc in musculoskeletal medicine with the Society of Orthopaedic Medicine. This dual physiotherapy and Medicine programme focuses on highly specific diagnosis of the exact cause of someone’s symptoms. This was the missing link for Kieran and allowed him to see how the exact cause of the pain, say an L5/S1 disc protusion may be interrelated with the diet and lifestyle, movement patterns and psychological stresses. Kieran completed his MSc in 2015 and his thesis was titled “Physiotherapy Management of Chronic Low Back Pain Patients with Psychosocial Symptoms.”

In recent years Kieran has studied with luminaries such as the late Karel Lewitt, Leon Chaitow, Pavel Kolar, Paul Chek, Andry Vleeming, Craig Liebenson, Shirley Sahrmann, Paul Hodges, Lorimer Moseley and Guy Voyer. In addition Kieran has published on chronic pain management in peer reviewed journals and is a reviewer for the journal Medical Hypotheses. He has worked with people in 6 continents, including royalty, heads of state, Ryder Cup Golfers, surfers, footballers, various professional athletes, people with complex disabilities, Hollywood A-listers, billionaires and students.

Kieran specialises in rehabilitation from spinal pain.

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