The Lazy Man’s Guide To Improving Mobility

Fitting in time for all the training to reach your health and performance goals can be demanding. Here are some of the tips I’ve used myself to improve my own and my clients mobility and strength.

1. If no one is watching get on and off the chair/ toilet single legged

Single seat squat

These are essentially single box squats, excellent for developing strength from mid range and up in the squat. If one leg is weaker, just work that one till you get symmetry.

If you don’t have the strength to do it with control just use the other leg to assist a little.

2. When watching the TV/ Youtube mobilise or stretch

Below are a couple of my favourite positions for ankle, knee and hip mobility.

Kneeling stretch
Half kneeling lower limb stretch

3. Carry all the shopping bags in one hand

This can help develop oblique strength in the frontal plane and grip strength depending on how heavy you go with the shopping and how long the walk is.

4. If carrying a water bottle use it to challenge grip strength

Grip the water bottle with just two fingers or positioning it so that it is close to falling out a 1 litre bottle can provide a significant training stimulus while you walk to work or the gym depending on your pre-existing strength levels.

5. If one hip is stiffer than the other then focus on relaxing in to this one when standing

Whilst doing this explore the range and work in to the tight areas. This again will be easier if no one is looking!

6. Similarly when crossing your legs stretch your stiffer leg

This helps to stretch the hip rotators which can limit rotation in sports like golf and tennis, and also cause the feet to externally rotate more while squatting.

7. Stretch your neck and do neural glides while reading at work or elsewhere

These are couple of my favourite positions.

Neural glides
Upper trap stretch

8. Sitting is excellent postural work, view it as a squat

Get your feet close to the chair and just think squat.

9. When walking focus on a heel toe gait and symmetry

Initially you can just get a feel for how you are weight bearing on your feet and then work on evening it out.

10. If no one is watching drop your heels as you walk up the stairs

This is excellent for calf mobility.

calf stretch on stairs

Hopefully these are useful.

If you have any suggestions yourself add them below.

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