Kieran can conduct reviews on any health exercise or rehabilitation topic. Clinics, individuals and education providers have used these in the past to inform clinical decisions and to support their teaching. Kieran has access to all major medical journals and a major British medical library. Kieran is known for his ability to critically appraise literature and provide an independent viewpoint based on the best evidence.In the past these reviews have been conducted on a diverse range of topics such as Parkinson’s disease, the affect of carpets, fixtures and fittings on health and the science behind the number of sets, repetitions and tempos in rehabilitation. These reviews can be of any size from as little as 200 words up to and beyond 20,000.Kieran is passionate about learning and thus these are charged at a reduced rate from his normal hourly fee. Kieran is also happy to proof read, conduct literature reviews and provide general advise where needed.

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“Kieran’s research showed that indeed, the C.H.E.K. totem pole system of evaluation and prioritization of treatment protocol IS supported by current scientific literature. Thanks Kieran. Keep up the great work!”

Paul Chek (World Leader in Health and Exercise Education) reviewing Kieran’s presentation at the CHEK International Conference (London 2008)