Calcium Dumping Syndrome

Calcium dumping syndrome is a traditional naturopathic concept and not recognised medically (Plaskett 2008). In naturopathy the condition is linked with arthritis, spondylitis, gallstones, renal stones and arterial atheroma. Naturopaths state that as a result of calcium dumping syndrome the symptoms of calcium deficiency can occur in the presence of ample dietary calcium. The result is that calcium is excreted from bone and either excreted or deposited in tissues throughout the body. Dietary calcium deficiency is very rare in the western countries. In India there is far less osteoporosis despite the average calcium consumption being as low as 400mg/ day compared with the UK average which some studies put close to 1200mg/ day. Thus clearly others factors are involved. Naturopathic theories are shown in the table below.

NoFactors affecting boneProbable reasons for effect
1Excessive milk consumptionAdverse effect on sodium and potassium
2Excessive animal protein consumptionAdverse effect on sodium and potassium
3Excessive phosphorus dietsStimulates parathyroid secretion
4Excessive parathyroid hormone secretionDirect stimulus to bone re-absorption
5Magnesium deficiencySlowing of cell respiration and production of ATP: slowing of sodium pump.
6Zinc deficiencySlowing of cell respiration and production of ATP: slowing of sodium pump
7Aluminium toxicityStimulates parathyroid secretion
8Lack of boron 
9Lack of vitamin DPrevents calcium absorption
10High alcohol intakeDepression of cell respiration and de-mineralisation effects
11Lack of exercise 
12Acidification of body fluids from acid forming diet (Dependant on genetics and environmental factors)Re-dissolves deposited calcium
13Chronic heavy metal exposureDepression of cell respiration
14Coffee, tea, cocoa and red wineVarious; stimulant, diuretic, anti-vitamin and sodium pump inhibition
15Excessive sodium intakeAdverse effect on sodium/ potassium balance
16Vitamin C deficiencySlows detoxification and exposes the cells to free radical attack
17Liver or kidney under-functionInhibits whole body detoxification

The result is negative calcium balance, the state when the individual looses more calcium each day than they take in.


Plaskett, L. 2008. Calcium. Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College. Folder 2, Section C