Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle Measures For Chronic Pain

Start  Current Aim1
Physical Activity    
Aerobic activity


  20 minutes (Meng and Yue 2014)


  8 hours in bed resting- ideally sleeping (Alsaadi et al. 2012)
Nutrition & Biochemistry    
Protein   1gram of protein for every kg of body weight (Wood et al. 2006)



  <15% of calories (Wood et al. 2006)
Omega 3’s   1g (Lopez-Garcia et al. 2004, Maroon and Bost 2006)
Fruits   2-3 portions of different fruit (Watzl et al. 2005, Bhupathiraju and Tucker 2011)
Vegetables   5-6 portions of different vegetables (Watzl et al. 2005, Bhupathiraju and Tucker 2011)
Multivitamin and mineral   (Wood et al. 2006)
Probiotics   (Shiranian et al. 2014)
Antioxidants   400mg Vit C (Wannamethee et al. 2006)
Liquids and Hydration   Urine clear
Alcohol   Up to 2 units


  Up to 3 shots of coffee (Kotani et al. 2008)
Stress Management and Behavioural Modification    
Relaxation   30 minutes mindfulness 5 days per week (Linger 2014, Morone et al. 2008)
Environment Exposure    
Sunlight   1 hour of sunshine or 500IUs of vitamin D (Pitaway et al. 2013)
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