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Competing in FiveFingers

Good morning! I am the new VIRTUS Clinic manager, and this is my first blog. I am a keen runner and I thought I would give you guys a race overview of the one I did yesterday, the Salisbury half marathon (the first time I have done this race). This would be my first race since changing to running with a forefoot strike over the last 4 months, doing this in my Vibram FiveFingers KSO’s. If you have not heard of these shoes I seriously recommend checking them out. So, I arrived at the event, I got my timing chip, sat down and a small crowd of people gathered round me. Yes, they were looking at...

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How are your lower abdominals? Part 2: Gut Health

In part 1 we discussed the importance of body fat to flattening your lower abdominals. In this part we will discuss the importance of gut health to flat abdominals. As the abdominals lie on top of large parts of intestinal tract a blockage, swelling or inflammation within the intestinal tract will cause an expansion in the intestine and mechanically stretch out the overlying abdominals. Alternatively pain signals from the intestines (and other organs) can refer pain signals in to the abdominal muscles that are fed by the nerves at the same level. Constipation based blockages are most prevalent...

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