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Essentials of Stress Management: Part 2

2. Breathing   Breathing diaphragmatically decreases your level of stress FACT! This happens because it facilitates or “heightens” the activity of the rest and relaxation part of the nervous system. Thus learning to breathe correctly and doing it regularly will greatly reduce your stress levels. To breathe correctly; the first third of the breath the stomach expands the second the ribs expand and the chest may lift a little for the last third. On exhalation reverse this., e.g. chest-ribs-stomach. The breath should also be through the nose as this further facilitates rest and relaxation....

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Essentials of Stress Management: Part 1

Stress from a mental perspective is simply fear. If you think of a stressful event in your past you’ll probably be able to find the link. This perception is interpreted by the nervous and endocrine system to produce the stress response, “fight and flight”. This causes increased release of stress hormones, such as cortisol and “heightening” of the activity of the sympathetic part of the nervous system. In the short term this helps you escape lions from an evolution point of view. However it also prevents you from sleeping well, affect the testosterone production in men, causes increased fat deposition...

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How are your lower abdominals? Part 3 of 4: Stress

In the first two parts of this series we discussed the importance of body fat and gut health to lower abdominal function. In this part we will discuss the role of stress. Stress can be defined as any stimulus to a system. In this blog we’re talking specifically about psychogenic stress. The stress we perceive in a stimulus. Stress can influence the appearance of the lower abdominals in a number of ways. High stress levels put the body into fight or flight altering the function of every cell in the body almost instantly.  Depending on the duration and intensity of the stress it can affect the...

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