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Review of Rothbart 2008. Vertical Facial Dimensions Linked to Abnormal Foot Motion. Journal American Podiatric Medical Association, 98 (3):01-08.

The most interesting study I’ve read this week was an old one conducted by Professor Brian Rothbart (Rothbart 2008). Professor Rothbart is well know for his understanding of the effects the feet can have on superior structures. On my reading of his work he tends to focus on ascending patterns but also writes on descending patterns. If you’re interested in these relationships I suggest you check out his website, which has an excellent array of articles. http://www.rothbartsite.com/ In this study Rothbart examined the correlations between foot alignment and vertical face dimensions in 22 Mexican...

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Ankle Pain and the Neck Part 2

Part 1 discussed why a patient’s sinus tarsi syndrome may have been due to cumulative trauma, driven by over pronation.  Then how the patient’s anteriorly rotated pelvis on the same side may have been causing this over pronation. This part will discuss how the upper cervical spine can influence the pelvis and thus the feet. You will recall from part 1 that this patient had an anteriorly rotated left pelvis. The question then is why? Undoubtedly there was a muscle imbalance holding it in place as shown by his tighter muscles on the front of the left leg and low back. This was coupled...

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