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Super quick review of Physical Therapy in Sport August 2011

Female athelete triad syndrome in the high school athelete. Thein-Nissenbaum & Carr   Triad = bone health-menstrual irregularities- poor nutrition Poorer nutrition increases injury risk 2-3x in young females Each component is associated with increased injury risk   Uninvolved versus target muscle contraction during contract-relax proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching Azevedo et al. Biceps contraction as effective as hamstring contraction in contract relax stretch of hamstring ? Mechanism   Immediate effects of quantified hamstring stretching: Hold relax proprioceptive...

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Super quick review of Physical Therapy in Sport November 2009

Variables associated with active spondylolysis Gregg et al. <20yo males more likely to develop spondylolysis than females or >20’s. Most likely due to participation in rotation and jumping sports. E.g. Cricket, gymnastics Single leg hyperextension test was not valid (p=0.47).   The Influence of Mulligan ankle taping during balance performance in subjects with unilateral chronic ankle instability Hopper et al. It’s ineffective. Previously shown to be effective in preventing recurrent injuries. ? Works at end range to stop injury, but not inner range to improve proprioception. The relationship...

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