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The Low Back Pain Diet

Nutrition ¬† Sleep Track with sleep cycle, try to average 8hrs Less sleep increases sensitivity to painful stimuli and is associated with the onset of chronic pain problems. Most people start to move towards a more “pro-inflammatory” state at less than 7hrs sleep Aim for a 1g of protein a day for each kg of healthy body weight. 100g of meat, fish or nuts will give you approx 20g of protein as a rough guide. Look to get this from animal sources where possible. Nuts are an acceptable substitute for 1 portion a day. 3 eggs will provide approx 21grams Ideally you would split this...

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C-Reactive Protein, Chronic Low Back Pain and, Diet and Lifestyle

Abstract C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is best known as an acute phase protein and is typically assessed in most general blood work. High sensitivity CRP (hsCRP) may be a useful clinical marker of chronic inflammatory states in musculoskeletal conditions. It appears that it is raised in inflammatory chronic low back pain (CLBP) and associated with reduced pain thresholds, weakness and reduced function. It is also possible CRP could contribute towards the development and maintenance of CLBP by activating the complement system which increases peripheral nociception. Diet and lifestyle factors can promote...

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