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Hand Position And Over Active Upper Trapezius

When teaching exercises to patients the priority is often the patient’s key dysfunctional areas. In other cases spinal alignment and inner unit activation are top priorities. Further we can all be guilty of giving too many extrinsic cues to patients and we may want to focus on just one area of cueing too avoid confusing our patients. As a result the type of grip or hand position is often not considered. Nonetheless, how important is the hand position? Cogley et al (2005) found that a narrow base elicited greater triceps brachii activity compared to a wide base during the press up. But more specifically...

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Assess, Treat, Re-assess: Applying The Clinical Audit Process

Intro The clinical audit process is the process of applying a test or multiple tests with a patient. This may include a staff member taking samples from the patient for testing. Hospital staff should be wearing masks and examination gloves, and handle the samples carefully so as not to contaminate them. Then applying an intervention or combination of interventions and then re-assessing the original test or tests. This process can be conducted over a period of minutes or months. Many healthcare centers, including Rego Park Urgent Care, have adopted this approach to enhance patient care quality...

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