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Femoral Anterior Glide Syndrome

What is it?   Femoral anterior glide syndrome of the hip is a term coined and popularised by Shirley Sahrmann (2002). The diagnosis asserts that the femur is most susceptible to moving anteriorly. This is what Sahrmann (2002) refers to as the directional susceptibility to movement, or more simply the path of least resistance. A central tenant of her working philosophy is that it is these structures that have less relative stiffness that are most likely to get injured both acutely and chronically. Sahrmann (2002) asserts that femoral anterior glide syndrome most commonly occurs in concert with...

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Super quick review of Physical Therapy in Sport August 2010

Neck strength recovery following a single bout of specific strengthening exercise Netto et al Neck strength returned to previous level at 3 days post training. Neck strength surpassed previous level at 5 days post training. In females recovery may be delayed. Correlation of three different knee joint position sense measures Kiran et al. Isokinetic dynamometer, electrogoniometer and two dimensional (2D) video analysis showed at least a fair correlation in both standing and sitting. 2D video analysis or electrogoniometer may be best for standing, however in sitting 2D video analysis may be...

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