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Applying Evidence Based Practice To Acute Low Back Pain

Introduction Evidence based practice is an often spouted term by many practitioners (Law and McDermid 2008). Often these practitioners view evidence-based practice in very different ways. Some feel that unless the treatment used is based on a Cochrane review at the very least then the practitioner is a charlatan. In contrast, others feel that if they are doing what they were taught on a course they attended 6 years ago then they are basing their practice on evidence. In reality the application of evidence based medicine is challenging. Moore and Jull (2006) produced figure 1 to demonstrate the...

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Quick Pain Relief For Back Pain

This article will look to demonstrate a couple of stretches and exercises somebody can do to eliminate acute (less than 6 weeks old) back pain. Firstly, let me start by saying that this is pretty unprofessional on my part! You should always see a professional from a Quality Chiropractic Care similar to Arrowhead Clinic and get properly diagnosed before undergoing any treatment program. A visit to a trusted chiropractor or physical therapist for professional chiropractic treatment services after an auto injury is always safer. From my experience this programme will work well with approximately...

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