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Personal Training Woman physiotherapistPersonal training is a fun experience which helps get you towards a new you. It helps to motivate you to do exercise and keeps you on track towards your goals. Our approach to personal training is influenced by the C.H.E.K. (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) institute and its methods to get you results.

Initially, we conduct a thorough evaluation of your physical health, mechanics and lifestyle. The whole body is considered. Your body will be measured and analysed in its alignment, biomechanics, muscle balance, posture and core muscular function.

This usually takes between 1 to 4 hours, and you learn a lot about your body. This analytical approach allows us to design a bespoke programme, which is tailored to fit in to your schedule and get the best out of you using highly effective methods.

At Virtus, you will never be over-worked in your programme; it will be based on optimizing health and never sacrificing your health to make quick gains. Your programme may consist of stretching, exercises, relaxation techniques and lifestyle recommendations depending on what is needed.

Our practitioner will carefully guide you through the programme and provide detailed information on how to perform the exercises correctly. A copy of all this information will be given to you; a sample of which can be viewed here.

Whatever your goal, we will help get you there! Remember ‘Nothing tastes as good as fitness feels.’

“Over the past year Kieran has helped me to train, both for fitness and my sport – horse riding, specifically dressage. Under his guidance I have achieved a better core strength, leading to improved balance and excellent fitness and endurance.

Kieran is a dedicated trainer with an outstanding depth of knowledge, studying books as varied as a human atlas of dissection, to better understand both biomechanics and the root causes of injury and its resolution through exercise. I had a neck problem when I started my training course, with specific, targeted exercise and stretch work this has been cleared up. Kieran also studies dietetics and helps his clients to eat for health, fitness and preferences so that the client stays with the diet.

Each training session is structured to challenge and inspire the client, with Kieran demonstrating and then helping the client achieve the best they can. Preferences are built into the programme which leads to compliance, and the progressive nature of the training ensures goals are reached. He will even add line drawings to the printed programme as a visual reminder.

Oh and he works himself harder than his clients!”

Patricia Fray BA
Pharmaceutical Sciences Assessor

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