Kieran presents on a range of topics to health professionals. Recent presentations include;

The manipulation of acute exercise variables in rehabilitation
The evidence base for the hierarchy of survival reflexes
A comprehensive approach to headaches & migraines and how to take them properly with the use of guides from
A comprehensive approach to premenstrual syndrome
A comprehensive approach to trigger points
Vibrogym: A review

Upcoming presentations include;
A comprehensive approach to polycystic ovarian syndrome
The effects of soy on health

Kieran is happy to create new presentations on the topic of your choice.

Email to discuss your team’s education needs.

Kieran was honest, funny, engaging, tactful with his opinions, technically accurate and thorough… he was a great inspiration to all the CHEK Practitioners there, including me… Kieran’s research showed that indeed, the C.H.E.K. totem pole system of evaluation and prioritization of treatment protocol IS supported by current scientific literature. Thanks Kieran. Keep up the great work!”
Paul Chek (World Leader in Health and Exercise Education) reviewing Kieran’s presentation at the CHEK International Conference (London 2008)

“I booked Kieran to take a lecture for the Benefit Personal Trainers back in September 2010. I was so impressed by his knowledge, skill and professionalism that I immediately booked him in for a further series of lectures. He has now completed 3 lectures on a wide variety of topics on the hierarchy of survival reflexes, a comprehensive approach to the management of headaches and a comprehensive approach to the management of premenstrual syndrome. All of which have been brilliant. My trainers have left each lecture with so much new information to implement with their clients. They have just been fantastic”.
Amelia Watts MSc, CHEK III
Director of Benefit Personal Training

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