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“Thanks to the low back pain research update I was aware of Albert et al’s research on antibiotics and low back pain before it came out in the papers. Unlike some of my colleagues!”

 Peter Bodi Spinal Rehabilitation Specialist


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How do busy leading evidence based clinicians keep up to date with developments?


The low back pain research update allows you to stay up to date in just 30/60 minutes a month. Let Kieran Macphail trawl through the research and synthesise the key evidence in to manageable evidence based chunks.

Busy clinicians use the low back pain research update to keep abreast of developments and help guide their further reading.

The emphasis is on higher quality evidence and new methods. So you hear first when new Cochrane reviews are released, new guidelines are released, large randomised control trials and cutting edge techniques.

Links are provided to the key research you may want to look in to in more depth if you have the time. Where full text is available for free this is linked. If not the abstract is linked.


What is evidence-based medicine?

“The conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient. It means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.”

(Sackett 1996)



  • Staying abreast of the literature can be expensive. Access to a single paper typically costs £20 and subscriptions to individual journals are in the hundreds of pounds.
  • Worst of all you rarely need access to all the information you pay for.
  • Let someone else do the donkeywork and you can use your own clinical reasoning to appraise the evidence.

The low back pain research update means the money you invest in staying abreast of the literature is laser focused. Most choose not to invest in reading further in this area, but the especially conscientious can then follow up on their specific areas of interests with a more precise less “scatter gun” approach.


First month free and £20/ month from then on. The cost of accessing one study.


If you don’t find you can keep up to date in just thirty minutes a month, I’ll pay for you to access an article of up to £20.

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