• Ankle Pain and the Neck Pt1
    A couple of weeks ago a patient was referred to me with sinus tarsi syndrome. The sinus tarsi is a small boney canal under the talus, the bone below your two shin bones. Sinus tarsi syndrome is considered by some to be an inaccurate diagnosis in that it can be further refined (Frey et al 1999).
  • Ankle Pain and the Neck Pt2
    Part 1 discussed why a patient’s sinus tarsi syndrome might have been due to cumulative trauma, driven by over pronation. Then how the patient’s anteriorly rotated pelvis on the same side may have been causing this over pronation. This part will discuss how the upper cervical spine can influence the pelvis and thus the feet.

The Hierarchy of Survival Reflexes Summary
This summary article sets out to review the evidence for the hierarchy of survival reflexes developed by Paul Chek in 1991 and illustrated in the totem pole shown in Figure’ 1. The concept asserts that some segments are more important reflexively and that there is an order of importance, which is based on the segments importance for survival.Charge of £1 applies.

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