Corporate Presentations

Kierans presentations usually last between one to two hours and have great audience participation. They are a fun and interactive learning experience. We have presented in the past on stress management in the workplace, sustaining energy levels and preventing headaches.

Within these presentations we cover a comprehensive approach to the topic covering mental, lifestyle, nutritional, exercise and other approaches. Our presentations are produced from a broad practical base of knowledge and up to date research.

A few slides of our presentation on Stress Management can be downloaded below:

Stress Management

“I think the stress talk today was very useful and I came away from the meeting feeling very positive about how I can use this information and better myself.”

“I enjoyed it very much. Kieran is very easy to listen to and his manner extremely calming. I’d certainly be interested in future talks.”

“I did find the talk interesting and although in the main I was aware of most things covered, I did learn some useful tips. It also acted as a refresher and makes you think about how you react to situations and how you could react differently.”

“Very clear thought out material and well articulated. Interesting yes and thought provoking especially nutrition.”

“Stress generation and management is clearly far more complex subject than we imagine. There were several points to learn from, but many are of course easy to agree with, but difficult to fix.”

“The information presented was clear and has lead to some group discussion amongst colleagues, which is a positive outcome.”

“I did learn that some of the symptoms associated with stress are experienced by myself and team members, therefore, the presentation has allowed ‘us’ to acknowledge such symptoms rather than ignore them. I think I would be better prepared to react accordingly in situations of high stress, particularly when different people behave differently to situations. I thought that the exercises demonstrated to deal with stress and stressful situations were of use.”

“Kieran was a good presenter, impressive for his age, very personable and articulate, not patronising or lacking credibility (I have been on a few course/classes where this was the case).”


“I have actually been out and purchased some Flaxseed – this is something that I have been advised to get by my opticians, as I suffer from very dry eyes and some granola to have for breakfast. I have also been told to drink more water, which I will try and do. I am also going to try and make my soup instead of having boxed cup a soup. I will be very interested to see if the fatigue and bloating will reduce in the afternoon by these changes. Will keep you posted!”

Deborah Palmer, Hitachi GST

“I find it interesting listening to Kieran as he is a very good speaker who makes even something that I thought I would find boring, extremely interesting and useful in life for me.”

Karen Baxter, Hitachi GST

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