Mindfulness and Chronic Low Back Pain; Why and How To.

Mindfulness is basically the western term for meditation. The practice has moved from weird hippies only, to being used by CEOs and professional sport, and is now being studied fairly extensively. This blog will focus on the relevance of mindfulness to chronic low back pain. Outlining the benefits and how to start a mindfulness practice. Psychological stress can directly influence the musculoskeletal, endocrine, immune and nervous systems through the limbic system modifying chronic pain (Macphail 2014). Psychosocial risk factors for low back pain (LBP) chronicity are well known to lead to worse...

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L4/5 Disc Protrusion Case Study

Introduction   This case report will outline the relevant subjective history and discuss the relevance of the objective examination. Then the analysis behind the rationale for the clinical diagnosis is reviewed. This is followed by an outline of the treatment plan and the discussion and evaluation that led to its formation. Why the objective markers were chosen is discussed, followed by how the treatment progressed and an explanation of why modifications were made. Lastly a reflection on the effectiveness of the treatment is given including the impact of the orthopaedic medicine course...

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Applying Evidence Based Practice To Acute Low Back Pain

Introduction Evidence based practice is an often spouted term by many practitioners (Law and McDermid 2008). Often these practitioners view evidence-based practice in very different ways. Some feel that unless the treatment used is based on a Cochrane review at the very least then the practitioner is a charlatan. In contrast, others feel that if they are doing what they were taught on a course they attended 6 years ago then they are basing their practice on evidence. In reality the application of evidence based medicine is challenging. Moore and Jull (2006) produced figure 1 to demonstrate the...

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