Month: April 2014

Lower back pain in seniors

Adults aged 50 years and older are especially vulnerable to lower back pain caused by age-related wear and tear of the spinal discs, joints, and other spinal structures, this is why it is important for senior to be assisted in their daily life, whether this is by family members or by physicians from a senior community like the one at However any age may be at risk for low back pain and aging does increase the risk of back pain due to degenerative changes associated with advancing years due to the 4 major phases of change that we all go through...

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The Tripod Position

Left foot and right arm support. The right leg and left arm can support or move in to a stepping forward pattern.                   This position is the tripod is a variation of a static lunge taught as part of the Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation programme according to Pavel Kolar, and correlates to the 8-9 month developmental age. The right arm and left foot are supporting and the left arm and right leg are stepping forward. The clinician can support the left knee and foot centration, trunk centration and uprighting of the spine. The most common...

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