Month: August 2012

Supraspinatus Tendinopathy Case Study

Introduction This case report will outline the relevant subjective history and discuss the relevance of the objective examination. Then the analysis behind the rationale for the clinical diagnosis is reviewed. This is followed by an outline of the treatment plan and the discussion and evaluation that led to its formation. Why the objective markers were chosen is discussed, followed by how the treatment progressed and an explanation of why modifications were made. Lastly a reflection on the effectiveness of the treatment is given including the impact of the orthopaedic medicine course on the...

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Synopsis of; Chamberlaine, G., 1982. Cyriax’s friction massage: A review. Journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy, 82, 16-22.

Clinically outstanding results are often seen with the use of frictions. Frequently within just over ten minutes movements become pain free and range of motion improves. They are a key treatment in orthopaedic medicine. Where the core treatment is often cortisone injection or frictions to the injured site.  When administering deep transverse frictions (DTFs) clients often ask, “what does this actually do?”. This is an excellent question. Chamberlaine ‘s article written back in 1982 provides some answers. She states the rationale for DTFs in chronic injury is primarily to move the tissue and...

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