7 Keys To Healthy Workstation

These are my 7 keys to a healthy workstation. It is by no means an exhaustive list and others would prioritise other factors but implementing them has helped many people.

1. A good sitting position starts with foot position

Ensure your feet are stable. Typically most of us do best with our feet flat on the floor.  Others do well with the toes raised above the ankle so that the feet can be more fixed requiring less muscular effort. It is key though that the feet are fully in contact with the floor and can accept the body weight.

2. The middle of the monitor should be level with your eyes

Again this works for most. Whilst others do best with the top of the monitor level with the eyes. The key is to experiment and see what works for you. Start with your eyes level with the centre of your screen though. If you wear eyeglasses to correct your vision or protect your eyesight from radiation, you may visit this page https://www.eyeglasses.com/brands/ray-ban-glasses to find your next pair.

3. Balance the rotating you do

Many people work in environments where the repeatedly rotate to one side throughout the day. Over time this can lead to postural compensations. For example a receptionist I treated recently has spent 3 years spending most of her day rotating to the right. Unsurprisingly on examination the right side of her spine is more developed and she has greater rotation to the right than left. Adapt your work station so that regular rotation is balanced or do regular exercises to counter balance this rotation.

4. Move position regularly

If you sit all day in perfect posture you will get soreness. You need to change position regularly to offload the tissues that are working or taking strain throughout the day. As you get tired you will need to do this more frequently. Get up and move around. If you catch your self slouching try spending some time reading lying on your front or sit on your chair in a perched position to counterbalance the slouching. If you have rotated or side bent left, rotate or side bend right.

5. Have some water to hand

Keep some water to hand it will help every cell in your body function optimally. Drinking more will mean you need to urinate more frequently which will also get you up and about. More water will often improve concentration, reduce poor quality snacking and improve general well being.

6. Have a snack to hand

Regular snacking will maintain energy levels and ensure you can maintain the same position for longer without fatiguing. Look to combine some protein with carbohydrates at each snack. E.g. a handful of cashew nuts and an apple.

7. Have your goals or motivation to hand

This is more to improve morale, which will improve energy levels. It’s much easier to put your all in to your work when you have a visual reminder of what you are working for at your desk. Often this may be a picture of a loved one, holiday destination or whatever your current goal or motivation is.

Hopefully this list helps you make some improvements to your workstation. If you have any questions or ideas don’t hesitate to contact me kieran@virtusclinic.com

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