Month: May 2012

7 Keys To Healthy Workstation

These are my 7 keys to a healthy workstation. It is by no means an exhaustive list and others would prioritise other factors but implementing them has helped many people. 1. A good sitting position starts with foot position Ensure your feet are stable. Typically most of us do best with our feet flat on the floor.  Others do well with the toes raised above the ankle so that the feet can be more fixed requiring less muscular effort. It is key though that the feet are fully in contact with the floor and can accept the body weight. 2. The middle of the monitor should be level with your eyes Again...

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Why is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Associated with Hypothyroidism?

According to an occupational therapy expert, Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a result of compression of the median nerve and has a 10% lifetime risk with known occupational associations (Olney 2001). Hypothyroidism is an accepted risk factor for CTS (Solomon 1998). However, what is the mechanism for this? Does the hypothyroidism cause the carpal tunnel symptoms? Or do both conditions share a similar potential aetiology? Palumbo et al (2000) state that no study clearly defines the nature of the association between hypothyroidism and CTS. In their study Palumbo et al (2000) compared 26 patients...

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