Month: March 2012

Posture and Muscle Strength

A central tenant of the corrective exercise approach is that strengthening weak muscles and lengthening short muscles will improve posture (Kendal et al 1993). For example Janda (1987) suggested that his lower cross syndrome, anterior pelvic tilt and increased lumbar lordosis, was due to tight erector spinae and hip flexors coupled with weak lower abdominals, gluteals and hamstrings.  Hyrsomallis and Goodman (2001) conducted the last significant review on this topic. They concluded that muscular strength was not related to posture based on the research up to that point. However, deeper analysis...

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Great weight loss youtube clips!

Below I’ve included my most frequently recommended videos for people interested in weight loss. This lecture is 1 hour and 15 minutes long. In it Christopher Gardener talks about the research he did comparing the different spectrum of diets from high carb to low carb. He discusses how well people actually follow the diets and how much weight people lost. He then links it back in with the interesting concepts of relative density and water content. In this excellent 1 hour 10 minute presentation Gary Taubes explains why loosing weight is not just...

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