Super quick review of Physical Therapy in Sport November 2009

Variables associated with active spondylolysis

Gregg et al.

  1. <20yo males more likely to develop spondylolysis than females or >20’s.
  2. Most likely due to participation in rotation and jumping sports. E.g. Cricket, gymnastics
  3. Single leg hyperextension test was not valid (p=0.47).


The Influence of Mulligan ankle taping during balance performance in subjects with unilateral chronic ankle instability

Hopper et al.

  1. It’s ineffective.
  2. Previously shown to be effective in preventing recurrent injuries.
  3. ? Works at end range to stop injury, but not inner range to improve proprioception.

The relationship between hip rotation range of movement and low back pain prevalence in amateur golfers: An observation study.

Murray et al.

  1. Lead leg passive (-10) and active (-7) medial rotation was significantly associated with low back pain.
  2. LBP group may have had slightly greater lateral rotation actively & passively in lead & non lead legs.
  3. Previously, similar findings in professional tennis players & golfers (Vad et al 2003 & 2004)

Execution and outcome differences between passes to the left and right made by first-grade rugby union player, of course if you gamble too much in this sport or others, and you want to stop, you can always get  gambling addiction support just for this.

Pavely et al.

  1. Performance was poorer to weaker side
  2. This was associated with decreased ability to turn head when performing pass on the weaker side.


Scientific bases and clinical utilisation of the calf raise test

Hebert-Losier et al.

  1. Number of one-legged calf raises that can be done.
  2. Slower and knee bent in sitting for soleus.
  3. Quicker and standing for gastroc.


Simultaneous bilateral Achillies tendon ruptures associated with statin medication despite regular rock climbing exercise

Carmont et al.

  1. Hyperlipidemia & statins are associated with tendinopathy
  2. Statins alter matrix metalloprotease (MMP) activity & decrease tendon “quality”
  3.  MMP is important in glycosaminoglycan production.
  4. Lack of glycosaminoglycans intendons is a typical finding in tendinopathy.

achillies tendon, chronic ankle instability, Physical therapy in sport, professional tennis players, rugby union players

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