Super quick review of Physical Therapy in Sport May 2010

Acrobatic gymnastics injury: Occurenece, site and training risk factors

Purnell et al

  1. ½ participants sustained an injury whilst training in the last year
  2. >8hrs training at age 11 was deemed a significant risk factor


Visual acuity in young elite motorsport athletes: A preliminary report

Schneiders et al.

  1. Young elite motorsport athletes had superior vision to matched controls.
  2. Visual skill may be trainable.


Effects of eccentric exercise on optimum length of the knee flexors and extensors during the preseason in professional soccer players

Brughelli et al

  1. Increased by 4% and 6.5% respectively over 4 weeks.
  2. > Than control group
  3. Used eccentric box drop, lunge pushes, forward deceleration steps and reverse Nordic hamstrings, 2 of these 4, 3 times a week for approx 10-15 minutes.


Drop jump landing knee valgus angle; normative data in a physically active population

Herrington and Munro

  1. Females had greater valgus angles than males.
  2. Drop jump created greater valgus angle than step down.


Exploring amodel of asymmetric shoe wear on limb performance

Sole et al

  1. A 1mm medial foot wedge decreased heek raise performance approximately 10.7% and 22.4% compared to the lateral wedge


Cervical joint position sense in rugby players versus non-rugby players

Aliberti et al.

  1. Cervical joint position sense is worse is rugby players than non-athletic controls.

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