Super quick review of Physical Therapy in Sport August 2011

Female athelete triad syndrome in the high school athelete.

Thein-Nissenbaum & Carr


  1. Triad = bone health-menstrual irregularities- poor nutrition
  2. Poorer nutrition increases injury risk 2-3x in young females
  3. Each component is associated with increased injury risk


Uninvolved versus target muscle contraction during contract-relax proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching

Azevedo et al.

  1. Biceps contraction as effective as hamstring contraction in contract relax stretch of hamstring
  2. ? Mechanism


Immediate effects of quantified hamstring stretching: Hold relax proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation versus static stretching

Puentedura et al.

  1. Both equally effective


Quadricep and hamstring activation during drop jumps with changes in drop height

Peng et al

  1. Greater height = greater deceleration challenge.
  2. The height of jump did not increase with height of box.
  3. No signiciant differences in muscle activation- forces absorbed by passive structures.


Relationship among eccentric hip and knee torques, symptom severity and functional capacity in females with patellofemoral pain syndrome

Nakagawa et al.

  1. Eccentric hip external roator and knee extensor strength was correlated with better functional capacity and pain levels
  2. No association with hip abductors.


The role of patellar alignment and tracking in vivo: The potential mechanism of patellofemoral pain syndrome

Song et al.

  1. Patella malalignment or maltracking may be “necessary” but not “sufficient” for the onset of patellofemoral pain.

Physical therapy in sport

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