Super quick journal review of Physical Therapy in Sport February 2010

Physical Therapy in Sport February 2010

Bracing does not improve dynamic stability in chronic ankle instability subjects
Gribble et al
1. The authors suggest that time to stabilise (TTI) is not sensitive enough to pick up improvements
2. Alternatively, bracing prevents gross movement but doesn’t help with the mid range proprioception required for stability.

Shoulder functional ratio in elite junior tennis players
Saccol et al.
1. Concentrically external rotators should be at least 2/3rds of the strength of the internal rotators (Ellenbecker & Davies 2000)
2. Eccentric strength of external rotators has to equal concentric strength of the internal rotators
3. Subjects demonstrated asymptomatic imbalances which may lead to injury in the future.

Bilateral difference in hamstrings to quadriceps ratio in healthy males and females
Kong and Burns
1. The dominat legs were stronger
2. The hamstrings had approx 80% of quadriceps strength at 40 degrees of knee flexion and approx 40% of quadriceps strength at 90 degrees of knee flexion.

Evaluation of shoulder joint position sense in both asymptomatic and rehabilitated rugby players and matched controls
Harrington et al.
1. Rugby players had better joint position sense than controls
2. However, rehabilitated players had worse joint position sense than asymptomatic players.
3. The clinical significance remains to be ascertained.

A preliminary development of the reinjury anxiety inventory
Walker et al.
1. 28 question inventory examining re-injury anxiety in training and return to sport
2. Internal consistency was above the .70 criterion value with rehab at 0.98 and return to sport at 0.96

Medial contact and smaller plantar loads characterize individuals with patellofemoral pain syndrome during stair descent
Aliberti et al.
1. Suggests increased pronation during challenging tasks in PFPS
2. Also showed decreased loading of foot suggesting a more tentative approach


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