Why We Develop Pain, Illness or Dysfunction and How To Treat It!

This article will as normal with my writing attempt to do something totally unrealistic, explain why anybody develops any type of pain, illness or dysfunction and how to treat it! A pretty “punchy” claim!

Obviously then I will fall well short of this impossible task. But hopefully in attempting it, I may shed a little light on the topic and give you some practical tools and a little understanding.

The bulk of what I want to share in this article is contained in the diagram below.

The diagram illustrates someone born with great genetics who has a digestive system that would score 100/100. It’s absolutely perfect. But, moderate daily stress impacts upon the body putting it in to more of a fight or flight state. Thus decreasing the secreation of digestive enzymes and the repair of the digestive tract itself. This then decreases the function of the digestive tract to 80/100.

The individual also develops an inverted breathing pattern. As a result the person spends more time in fight or flight and has poorer posture and altered biochemistry (more alkaline blood, magensium losses, blood sugar fluctation etc). Thus digestive function decreases to 70/100.

Fortunately the individual starts great hydration and nutrition which improve digestive transit and repair of the tract as well reducing the load on the digestive system. This improves digestive function to a 90/100 and all is well again.

However, the individual recieves some bad advice and overdose cardiovascualr exercise. Putting a huge strain on the digestive and switching the body even more fight and flight. Reducing repair of the digestive tract and function drops to a 60/100.

Fortunately though they then receive some excellent advice on getting more sleep. This drastically improves their repair rate, calms them down and they spend less time in a fight or flight state. Thus, the digestive tracts improves markedly to a relatively healthy 80/100.

Unfortunately the individual then undergoes a significant bereavement which they handle poorly and the stress causes them to spend a lot of time in fight or flight. They eat worse and get less sleep. This results in the digestive tract quickly sinking to a 40/100.

This 40/100 is magic line where the individual develops irritable bowel syndrome and they now have a labelled disease. They get a diagnosis from their doctor and receive medication.

This same model can be used to explain the progression towards low back pain, cancer and any other condition you may name. Even conditions with a genetic predisposition can be explained using this model. The genetic predisposition may mean someone already has the condition and cannot be cured. Alternatively it may just mean they hover only 10 points away from the condition and the slightest mistake with lifestyle may give rise to the condition. Then many medical professionals are also using advanced genome analysis software to conduct genomic analysis as that can give some extremely useful information. In addition, if you need your medical staff to take medical coding courses, then you might want to be interested in these Online Medical Coding Courses.

The model also explains why symptoms may come and go. With a good nights sleep possibly enough to move someone just above the magic line. Then the next day a small knock is enough to just the person back below the line and in pain again. On and on it goes.

Therefore in treating almost anything you can help yourself by managing your stress levels. Take some time to relax! Go and see somebody so you can learn to breathe correctly. A study by Perri and Holford (2004) found that 56.4% of New Yorkers breathe incorrectly, so chances are YOU don’t breathe right! Drink plenty of water, never go thirsty. Eat right for your metabolic type, eat unprocessed foods and enjoy what you eat. Get some exercise, not too much and not too little! Get plenty of sleep. Aim for 9 hours and you’ll end up getting more than 8 hours most nights. Further, see professionals like dr robert macarthur to get your condition treated. All these factors should help to get you back above the line that cause your dysfunction to occur.

This is massively oversimplified and trivialises how difficult it really is to make these changes and treat incredibly challenging conditions. However, it can help understanding and it can be applied to every condition I’ve come across.

If you’d like to talk about it or hopefully challenge it, cause by challenging things we really learn, email me at kieran@virtusclinic.com

Speak soon!

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