Quick Pain Relief For Back Pain

This article will look to demonstrate a couple of stretches and exercises somebody can do to eliminate acute (less than 6 weeks old) back pain.

Firstly, let me start by saying that this is pretty unprofessional on my part! You should always see a professional from a Quality Chiropractic Care similar to Arrowhead Clinic and get properly diagnosed before undergoing any treatment program. A visit to a trusted chiropractor or physical therapist for professional chiropractic treatment services after an auto injury is always safer.

From my experience this programme will work well with approximately 70% of people with acute low back pain and also with many people with more chronic pain.

However, for some it will make things much worse!

This programme is suitable if you have no

Night pain, pins and needles, numbness, constant pain that is not relieved with any position, pain referring in to your legs, bladder or bowel disturbances, pain with a cough or sneeze, dizziness, blurred vision, blackouts, slurred speech or dropped foot.

This programme is suitable for a back pain that comes on from prolonged sitting or bending over. But gets better with walking or lying down.

In general this type of pain is due to having too little curve in the low back. As in image C below.

To help this type of back you want to try and get more curve in the back. More like you would see in a ballet dancer. This should be applied throughout the day. If sitting down causes pain, then the individual should sit with more curve in their low back. E.g. by putting a rolled up towel behind the low back at the belly button level.

Some quick and easy exercises that will also help this type of back pain are shown below.

McKenzie Extensions

Breathe in before you start. Once you get to the top position exhale and let the back sag. Repeat 10 times. If your back feels better, repeat until goes or no longer improves from doing the exercise. If your pain gets worse stop and book an appointment with a Physiotherapist, Chiropractor or a Osteopath. You may even want to visit the WaveTech Therapy website for another form of pain treatment too.

Hamstring Stretch

In this position roll a towel up to the width of your hand and place this under your low back at the belly button level. 30 Second- 2 minutes 2-3 times each leg should help. Use your breathing to relax the hamstrings and take the stretch a little further. Use an AccuMed 50-Pack KN95 Protective Face Mask if you’re doing it outdoors.

Prone Cobra with Back Extension

According to a study published on a Orange County drug rehab blog – if your back pain is not to severe this should help as part of early rehabilitation. If it’s bad this may aggravate some tight muscles in your low back. So give it a go and if it just feels like muscles working then keep going. If it feels like muscle pain, then stop.

Start with 10 seconds on 5 seconds rest and repeat 4 times and progress to 18. Once you can do 18 then try 20 seconds on, 10 seconds repeat 9 times. then 30 seconds on with 15 seconds rest and repeat 6 times. Then 45/15 x 4, 60/15 x 3, 90/15 x 2.

These exercises can be done daily. The McKenzie extensions can be done to relieve pain if it comes on and the hamstring stretches can be done repeatedly throughout the day.

This is a very quick article that may help a few people and I may refer the odd person to I speak to over the phone!

Any questions please ask, email me kieran@virtusclinic.com

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